October Newsletter


Many people stepped forward to help with Operation Backpack this year. Starting with United Women in Faith, Phoebe Circle, at United Methodist Temple, Mabscott UMC was able to get in touch with 44 school counselors to see if they would need backpacks this year and how many. Some said no, but most said yes.

The Circle also staffed the rummage/hot dog sale in June, along with Mabscott and the Presbyterian Church. We had a great time together.

Businesses, organizations and churches gave money and supplies galore, and, even though Cindy is a spirit-filled, relentless shopper, we moved on to Amazon for some difficult purchases.

The fellowship during packing is worth the backaches. But the greatest assurance that this is all worthwhile came during pick-ups by Communities-in-Schools staff, counselors and teachers. Their descriptions of children’s needs, their plans for distributing, and their gratitude for our continuing church-school project was inspiring.

Every backpack is out now. Thank you to all!

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